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Through innovative technology and beautiful creatives, we gain attention for our clients. Our ad experiences take full advantage of mobile devices to build brands, drive foot traffic, and convert sales.
Before any message is delivered, we make sure its with interested, verified humans. Using a combination of best practices and technologies, we've elimated over 99% of fraudulent traffic for our clients. Using real-time data targeting, we make sure the right audience is paying attention.
Building brands, driving foot traffic, and converting sales are earned through the combination of artfully executed creatives, fraud free environments, and highly targeted audiences. This is the equation on which we've built our value.

Shatter Industry Performance Standards

Trion Interactive uses data driven insights and creative strategies to maximize marketing impact by extending the user engagement. Deploying content to vetted audiences via curated channels ensures your message delivers maximum impact to the greatest number of potential customers.


Trion, % 91
Industry Standard, % 47

In-view Time

Trion, sec 23
Industry Standard, sec 16

Fraud Rate

Trion, % .17
Industry Standard, % 11

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Mobile Focused

We are experts in revenue generation in a mobile-first world.

Partners in Publishing

Collaborative & Consultative. We understand your audience & maximize your mobile yield.

Higher Revenue Streams

Trion is a powerful additon to your existing stack, bringing high revenue ads within pleasant creative executions. With 2-3x the industry standard CPMs, Trion will become a key part of your revenue strategy.

Clean Ads

Trion creatives never overpower your content. Our goal is to be complimentary, visually appealing, and positively experiential.

Simple Integration

Bringing Trion to your tech stack is amazingly simple. No cumbersom SDK integration, no heavy lifting. A simple line of javascript code handles the hard work.

Our Family

Working with Trion brings you into a fold of great publishers working directly with Trion and our sales team. As independent voices in advertising, your brand becomes a part of every sale. We are proud to raise the flag of our family, and drive revenues for independent publishers.

What people say?

FYI [Trion/Unilever PMP] at 98% is our highest performing deal in terms of viewability across every publisher. That's 60+ partners.

Team Unilever, in reference to custom mobile placements


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